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27 Things All '00s Glasgow Teenage Moshers Know

"Ye gaun tae the Catty this weekend?" "Aye, can ah borrow yer Voodoo card again?"

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3. Then heading to Osiris to check out the latest delivery of band t-shirts, studded belts, and baggy jeans.

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And spending half an hour downstairs sifting through posters, patches, and badges to add to your collection.


6. Getting a wee bit insulted by that Irn-Bru advert, even though it's all you drank.

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"Here, that one on the left looks a bit like you." "NAW, IT DOESNY, MUM. SHUT UP."


12. Or venturing down to King's Court for a change of scenery.

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You had Cyber and Mr Ben for clothes, Strung Out for guitars, and Mono for coffee and records. Not to mention The Poster Shop. Gold mine = Struck.


26. Grabbing a Happy Meal afterwards from the McDonald's at the four corners before catching your train or waiting for your parents to pick you up.

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Munching on your chicken nuggets, you dreamed of the day you were old enough to go to the Overs.