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    20 Things You Didn't Realize About Going To College Out-Of-State

    A list for all the out of state students who know the struggle is real

    1. Everyone asks “So, why’d you decide to come here of all places?”

    2. It feels like all the cool stuff happens at home when you’re away at school

    3. When people ask where you’re from you answer your state instead of your home town

    4. Most in-state students have at least one friend from high school that they can hang out with

    5. You crave all the local food that you can’t get at school

    6. None of your in-state friends know anything about your state and are fascinated when you tell them stuff about it

    7. Likewise you are so confused when they all start rambling about things in their state

    8. Your parents send you send you nicer care packages

    9. You can’t just go home for the weekend because that would require excessive amounts of money and time neither of which you have

    10. And you countdown the days until break because you finally get to sleep in your own bed

    11. There’s a different supermarket chain

    12. When you call your parents you end hanging up on them because they have no clue how things work here

    13. People are fascinated by the way you say some words differently

    14. You learn region specific things

    15. Everyone roots for a different sports team

    16. Your Parents made more friends than you at orientation

    17. When you meet someone else from your state you get unnecessarily excited

    18. When you come home everyone wants to make plans with you

    19. You miss home SO MUCH

    20. But you deal with it because your school and new friends are fantastic