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Old-School "Star Wars" Characters Ranked By Hotness

You didn't know you needed this.

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6. Aunt Beru

20th Century Fox

Her collar was DOPE, and look at those eyes! I bet her and Uncle Owen had a veeeery healthy sex life before it was cut off by being burned to death. WHOOPS.

5. Uncle Owen

20th Century Fox

I meannnnn, he's got a little somethin' somethin'. And let's be real, there's a severe lack of attractive people around Tatooine. Which is probably why Luke had such a huge boner for Leia the first time he saw her. He was basically like, "WOMAN?! ME LIKE!!!"

4. Luke Skywalker

20th Century Fox

Honestly, Luke is mostly on the list because he goes from a whiny little thing in Episode IV to a goddamn man in Episode VI. Gotta love a good character arc!


3. Lando Calrissian

20th Century Fox

Lando knows how much of a badass he is. Look at that smirk and head-tilt. Only the most player of players could pull that off. He also totally knows he fucked up, and redeems himself by destroying the Death Star. A man with integrity? PRAISE.

2. Princess Leia

20th Century Fox

YAAAS, girl, YOU SLAY. She bad and she knows it. She's a warrior, a sass queen, and she rocks a flawless braid crown in the most dire of circumstances.

He's got swagger and moves that make even the most badass of chicks weak in the knees. PLUS, he won't care about you kissing your brother on the lips.

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