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Jennifer Lawrence To Play Bradley Cooper's Grandmother In Upcoming David O. Russell Romcom!

The "Hunger Games" starlet is set to play opposite super young and spritely Bradley Cooper, as his grandmother in David O. Russell's upcoming flick, "The Silver Fox" slated to begin production early 2017.

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Sources say Jennifer Lawrence is "excited" to just be "working."

A scientific study has confirmed that actresses over the age of 40 will be extinct in the next 20 years. Lawrence says she's just grateful to be cast at all.

The film stars Lawrence as Ertha Bingkwat, Cooper's hilarious grandmother who's determined to find true love again. Cooper plays a dashing recent college grad, who's forced to move home and care for her. Russell was unavailable to reach for comment. His reps confirm he was visiting the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, scouting potential romantic leads for Cooper.

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