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    14 Reasons To Follow This Adorable Otter On Instagram

    ♪ Hello from the otter siiiiiiide ♪

    Meet Takechiyo, an otter living in Japan who is captivating our hearts on Instagram with his daily adventures.

    1. He spends most of his time lounging around while effortlessly looking cute. Same, tbh.


    3. When he's not lounging, he helps his mom with important business, and makes sure her typing fingers take a break with a nice massage.

    4. He loves to pose for the camera, showing off those pearly whites.

    5. His selfie angles are on point.

    6. New toys are no match for him.

    7. But his absolute favorite time of day is when it's time to eat! Look at his little fingers shovel food into his mouth. AND LISTEN TO THOSE LITTLE SQUEAL AND NOM SOUNDS!

    8. Here he is again, NOMMING away.

    9. He is also extremely careful not to miss a single bite.


    11. Swimming is his second favorite thing to do.

    12. Look at how happy he is!

    13. What is this red thing invading my water? *tap tap*

    14. And how his belly jiggles during his silly dance!!! *squeal*

    Following Takechiyo on Instagram will give you a daily dose of cute for your day!

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