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    19 Essentials For Those Who Can't Achieve A Work-Life Balance

    I'm out of bed and dressed — what more do you want?

    1. A Migraine Relief Roller that uses aromatherapy and essential oils to help you deal with any overwhelming headaches - ₹329

    2. A gorgeous air diffuser you can set for intermittent or continuous misting to help create the perfect ambiance for a soothing rest - ₹849

    Air diffuser in the shape of Saturn

    3. A water bottle designed to help you keep track of exactly how much water you're drinking and make sure you're staying hydrated - ₹799

    The water bottle has time markers on it with phrases like 'Good Morning', 'Keep Drinking', and 'You Did It'.

    4. This bestselling alarm clock — because let's be real, these days, time is just a concept - ₹499

    Black digital alarm clock

    5. A pair of wireless, noise-canceling Bluetooth earbuds that also happen to be waterproof and have a four-hour playtime per charge. Pop these in when you're ready to get to work and block out all the distractions - ₹1,099

    pTron black bluetooth earbuds

    6. A compact mug warmer with an auto shutoff feature - so you never have to worry about that forgotten cup of coffee on your desk that gets ice cold before you finally have a chance to drink it - ₹1,299

    White mug warmer

    7. An adjustable laptop desk that comes with dual cooling fans and a detachable mousepad tray - ₹1,749

    Black adjustable laptop desk

    8. This easy AF Sleepy Owl cold brew that'll help you get your morning pick-me-up then and there - ₹425

    9. A task planning, to-do list, daily calendar, habit tracker, expense tracker, and shopping list notepad that'll keep you on top of your life - ₹609

    10. An impactful Gratitude journal with gratitude focusing prompts to help you start your mornings and end your nights on a positive note - ₹499

    Gratitude journal

    11. A pack of light dimming stickers designed specifically to cover those constant blinking LED lights on all your electronics that brighten your room, especially when you're trying to sleep - ₹1,646

    12. A charming and splurge-worthy Hero Mountain Bike that'll be a reminder to take some time and leave the house. It'll have you riding in style anywhere you go - ₹4,999

    Hero Kyoto Cycle

    13. This cold brew pitcher that'll help you make the perfect batch of iced coffee every time. You can store it in the fridge overnight to let it brew and you’ll wake up to four cups of delicious iced coffee - ₹1,585

    14. A yoga mat so you can learn and master the practice of yoga right at home - ₹395

    Blue yoga mat

    15. An adjustable back stretcher capable of providing you with some serious relief from your back pain. With so many of us hunched over our laptops for longer than normal, this might really help get the kinks out - ₹699

    16. And speaking of being hunched over our laptops, a comfortable, adjustable, and easy-to-use posture corrector designed to help with your back's alignment and stability - ₹499

    17. A cute AF eye mask complete with a gel insert that can be stored in the fridge and then used to give you that cooling, relaxing feeling when you need a little break from the day - ₹235

    18. A water-resistant fitness tracker designed to be a watch, pedometer, and a calorie and sleep monitor - plus it might just be the reminder you need to get up and go out - ₹2,499

    MI fitness band

    19. And last but certainly not the least, a mindful colouring book to help focus your brain, improve your mood, and get your creative juices flowing - ₹378