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    14 Organisation Products To Channel Your Inner Monica

    Not just clean. *Monica* clean.

    1. An under-sink storage organiser that'll fit around awkward pipes in the kitchen or bathroom while giving some sturdy ground to those bottles of cleaner and rolls of toilet paper - ₹1,199

    Stainless steel under sink storage organiser holding pots and pans

    2. Genius shoe stackers that'll double your shelf storage space without hiding your best investments - ₹1,400 for a pack of 16

    The organisers keep the shoes neatly on top of each other, hence halving the space required to store them

    3. Packing cubes so you can locate the top you brought for the day's outing in a snap - ₹749 for a set of 7

    Blue packing cubes

    4. An adjustable pan organiser fit to hold the weight of your favourite pans, no matter the sizes. Plus, you can store it vertically or horizontally - ₹850

    5. A collapsible car trunk organiser you can easily anchor to keep your auto essentials in place or even throw your grocery bags in there - ₹1,688

    Collapsable car trunk organiser used to hold grocery items

    6. A lipstick organiser – it'll help you wear more of the lippies you already own. It fits up to 24! - ₹248

    Acrylic lipstick organiser

    7. An acrylic compact organiser to put those lovely blushes, highlighters, and other hues out in the open where you can see them and actually use them - ₹899

    Acrylic compact organiser

    8. A scarf organiser that can be a step-up from that old looped version so you can easily slip out your pashmina pick of the day without disrupting every other scarf - ₹299

    The organiser has circular slots for holding scarves

    9. A hair styling rack that'll handle your dryer, curling iron, brush, and bottles of hair product because despite what your family thinks, the bathroom windowsill isn't the best place to store it all - ₹399

    10. An in-drawer organiser to help maintain cup shape in between wears (AKA your drawer is going to look like one from a super fancy lingerie boutique, except the pretty things inside are already yours!) - ₹545

    Grey in-drawer organiser

    11. A spinning cosmetic carousel, which may be more fun to own than riding on a carousel when you were a kid - ₹717

    Black spinning cosmetic carousel

    12. Sturdy, stackable shelves for doubling the kitchen cabinet storage for stuff like coffee mugs, bowls, and plates - ₹749 for a set of two

    13. A purse organiser that'll help sort all your essentials without adding any weight to your already heavy bag. Then when it's time to switch bags, you can just move the organiser - ₹329

    Black purse organiser

    14. A hanging bag organiser that won't put any stress on your purse handles - ₹279

    Grey hanging bag organiser. It comprises of large transparent pouches for storing handbags.