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    14 Products For People Who Spend A Fortune On Their Nails

    Nails before males 💅🏽

    1. A pretty nail care set for your fingers and toes that'll take care of hangnails, ripped cuticles, and uneven edges. It has basically every tool you'll need for a mani or pedi - ₹595

    2. An oil to soften damaged cuticles. Its jojoba rich formula penetrates the nail bed and cuticle area to help restore moisture and strengthen weak nails - ₹185 for a set of 3

    3. A nifty nail polish holder that'll hold your polish bottle while you carefully paint each nail. You can give yourself a mani on the couch, on your bed, or at a desk without worrying about spills - ₹159

    A person using the holder to securely hold a glittery pink nail polish bottle. It's placed like a ring on their finger.

    4. A seven-way nail buffer so you can shape, refine, smooth edges, condition, buffer, polish, *and* shine each fingernail in minutes without using a million different tools - ₹199 for a set of 2

    5. A peel-off liquid so you can paint your nails with confidence and not worry about polish creeping onto your cuticles - ₹299

    6. This acetone-free nail polish remover to take off stubborn glitter or lacquer. You won't have to scrub your nails with a mountain of cotton balls again - ₹100

    7. A pair of hand hydration gloves packed with collagen and shea better because your hands need sweet relief from dryness, cracking, and peeling - ₹248

    8. A natural nail base coat so you can prep your bare nails for a mani and protect them from stains. This clear formula gently covers fingernails and helps polish go on smoothly - ₹850

    O.P.I Natural nail base coat

    9. And a fast-drying top coat to cut your manicure time in half with this formula, which locks in polish and gives it a high-gloss finish. If you accidentally tap your fingers against something, you don't have to stress about re-painting them - ₹850

    O.P.I high gloss top coat

    10. Press-on nails that'll make everyone say, "Where did you get those done?!", when IRL, you just stuck 'em on. These babies will take the stress out of giving yourself a mani at home *and* instantly upgrade your look - ₹1,299 for a set of 4

    11. These nail decals to make your manicure look like it was designed by a nail artist. These tiny decals easily stick on your nails and they'll make them bloom with colour - ₹280

    Floral nail decals

    12. An at-home powder dip kit for a DIY powdered mani that doesn't require a nail-tech appointment. It comes with everything you need for a high-quality polish job - ₹3,754

    13. A gel nail brush set that'll help you achieve a mani that doesn't look sloppy - ₹795

    14. A strong nail glue that'll hold acrylic and press-on nails in place, even if you spending a lot of time typing, cooking, or working out - ₹189