The Top 10 Reasons Albus Dumbledore Was A BAMF

It’s almost been 2 years since the last Harry Potter movie came out and 6 years since the last book, but that’s no reason to forget how wicked awesome Albus Dumbledore was. Let’s revisit some of those kick-ass knitting patterns, shall we?

1. 10. The deluminator

Basically storing light in his pocket, whatevs.

2. 9. He Was Friends with Hot Shot Authors and Other Famous People

Dumbledore was pals with Bathilda Bagshot, author of A History of Magic, and Nicolas Flamel-creator of the Philosopher’s Stone, no biggie.

3. 8. He Wasn’t Afraid to Flaunt His Big-Ticket Items

The Mirror of Erised, an antique mirror from the 1800s. I wonder how much that would go for in the muggle world…

The Pensieve

And finally, the Elder Wand

6. 7. Dat. Swag.

From polished and sophisticated robes, impeccably matched blazers, exotic yet trendy hats, and a well kept beard, Dumbledore definitely had it going on. He had mastered the elusive art of layering to come off as a classy wizard hippy.

7. 6. Golden Nuggets of Wisdom Dripped from his Lips with the Frequency of a Leaky Faucet

11. 5. This Spell

(I love Harry, but he’s really just staggering around in the background like a punk here. Dumbledore’s the true star.)

12. 4. This Escape Strategy

14. 3. He was the only Wizard Voldemort Ever Feared

16. 2. He Loved His Knitting Patterns

(lol @ Harry’s face)

18. 1. He Was Absolutely Hilarious!

(Granted, none of these things happened in the books or movies obviously, but they only sprouted up due to his extreme amount of awesomeness, so sh.)

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