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    75 Really, Truly Gross Things You Thought Only You Did

    Nope. It isn't just you. We checked.

    1. Going to TOWN with earbuds and feeling thrilled at the treasures you excavate.

    2. Snapchatting your BFFs selfies while pooping.

    3. Re-wearing socks, bras, chaddis, and t-shirts that pass the smell-test.

    4. Going to sleep happily with full day's makeup and sweat on your face.

    5. Literally never brushing your teeth at night.

    6. Biting off your fingernails because you're an anxious bitch.

    7. Biting off your toenails because you're a flexible and anxious bitch.

    8. Using your nails to carve crosses and designs into mosquito bites.

    9. Sitting around with hands down your pants and then not washing them.

    10. Instead of blowing your nose, just inhaling and swallowing your nosey gunk.

    11. Putting fresh makeup on top of old makeup without cleaning up first.

    12. Accidentally licking your sweat moustache and going "hmm salty".

    13. Shifting around to release a fart bubble that's trapped in your butt or vagina.

    14. Scraping food out of your fingernails with your teeth.

    15. Swallowing it.

    16. Peeing in the shower.

    17. Peeing and not washing your hands after.

    18. Pooping and not washing your hands after.

    19. Eating and not washing your hands after.

    20. Like, not washing your hands even once through the day.

    21. Squeezing and popping acne around your body.

    22. Collecting the blackhead goo in one place and admiring it.

    23. Picking at in-grown hairs with unbelievable focus.

    24. Collecting the hairs in one place and admiring them.

    25. Tongue-picking old food out of your teeth.

    26. Chewing and swallowing the findings.

    27. Scraping scalp grease and residue with your nails.

    28. Admiring it.

    29. Covertly digging your nose in public.

    30. Cleaning dirt out from under your nails and flicking it away randomly instead of throwing it in a bin.

    31. Smelling your farts proudly.

    32. Sniffing leftover food to check if it's good enough to eat despite it being days old.

    33. Only washing your armpits, crotch, and face to shower quickly when in a hurry.

    34. Doing this alarmingly often.

    35. Showering sans soap when you're in a rush.

    36. Doing this way, way too often too.

    37. Checking out your own snot in a tissue.

    38. Collecting foundation under your nails when you scratch your face.

    39. Picking out skin from a shoe bite. Ow.

    40. Answering the phone and having full conversations while peeing or pooping.

    41. Rubbing your palms or arms till tiny bits of dirt dough form.

    42. Slyly scratching your armpits in public.

    43. Slyly sniffing your fingers after.

    44. Sitting on the pot for a while after peeing to air dry instead of using toilet paper.

    45. Letting your bum stay wet after potty instead of wiping it.

    46. Sniffing your hair to check if you need to wash it.

    47. Knowing you need to wash your hair but just making a bun for a couple of days instead.

    48. Non-sexually stroking your pubes when you're alone.

    49. Squeezing a pimple and getting delighted when the pus hits the mirror.

    50. Checking your pad to see if you have to change it or can go a few more hours.

    51. Squatting and tugging at the crotch to release your pubes stuck to pad wings.

    52. Admiring the blood falling out of your vag in the shower.

    53. Having designated period chaddis which have been blood-stained for years.

    54. Bleeding on your bed sheet and not changing it till your period ends. (What's the point!)

    55. Bunching up tissue as a makeshift pad when you don't have one.

    56. Admiring the toilet bowl massacre after a period shit.

    57. Wearing both a tampon or a pad, or TWO PADS, on a heavy-flow day.

    52. Falling asleep with one hand down your pants or cupping your boob.

    53. Trimming your pubes over the toilet and being amazed by your yield.

    54. Using those scissors to cut other things, too. Casual.

    55. Itching your crotch and sniffing proudly.

    56. Sometimes being disgusted by your own crotch stench.

    57. Peeling dry skin bits off off your lips.

    58. Letting out a really loud fart or burp and feeling proud.

    59. Eating food after touching a pet dog without washing hands.

    60. Eating food after touching a stray dog, also without washing your hands.

    61. Picking food off the floor, blowing on it and eating it, no matter how long it's been there.

    62. Picking out lint and gunk from your belly button.

    63. Picking last night's gunk out of your eye, like, halfway through the day.

    64. Picking skin and dirt off your feet and just flinging it around.

    65. Not washing a towel despite many, many, many uses.

    66. Using the same part of the towel to wipe your cross, bumhole, and face.

    67. Farting under your sheet, then going inside to smell it.

    68. Feeling very, very proud of the odour you have created.

    69. Aiming pee at different spots in the toilet to make different volume levels.

    70. Wearing jeans for a month without washing them.

    71. Tugging at your tummy rolls and feeling proud.

    72. Applying pressure to fart AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE when you're alone.

    73. Vigorously scratching your privates until pubes are scattered everywhere.

    74. Shaking your leg to un-stick your balls from your thigh.

    75. Pretending to be a civilised human even though you related to a LOT of the above points.