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Let The Bracelets Do The Talking

Fashion trends are changing with more and more men around the globe embracing wrist fashion.Traditionally, when you think about men's jewelry you think about watches, belts, cuff links, rings and sometimes necklaces.

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Today you can choose bracelets made from leather, stainless steel, gold, silver, tribal beads and onyx. You need to ask yourself from what material should it be made and how will it be worn. You can match your bracelet with watches, you can stack them up, match them with suits and different jewelry, but make sure you don't overdo it.


Leather, a classic beauty for any men’s jewelry. When it comes to natural but beautiful materials for men’s bracelets, one of the most popularly used material is leather. It has a natural appearance and It does not only look good on your wrist but it is also comfortable when worn. Leather looks more beautiful when combined with different materials. Most leather bracelets always come with a metal part where engravings can be placed.


Although they are affordable, they absolutely look amazing when worn. They can give your wrist that masculine look. Men’s beaded bracelets are typically made of stone and wood. If you choose a bracelet made of wood, it will instantly give your wrist an understated and natural look.


Golds is a timeless metal used not only in men’s jewelry but also for women’s jewelry. You can find them in different colors like white, yellow, rose, pink, and more. Gold bracelets can help you make a good impression on formal events and parties. You may find gold bracelets made with pure metal.


Stainless steel may look similar to silver. Although, there are times that stainless steel is given a golden and black finish to add some variety to it. Stainless steel is more durable and has a higher resistance to warping and scratching.


You should not get confused with stainless steel and titanium. Titanium is more robust and resistant than stainless steel. Because of that, it requires lesser care. Its color is also somewhat similar to silver. It is more expensive than steel but you are guaranteed with its sturdiness.


Those that stack up different bracelets on their wrist. The key is to make sure the materials and colors are balanced. But on your watch wrist, keep it simple with just one or two bracelet paired with your watch.


Keep it to one or two on a wrist a pure black onyx bracelet with silver highlights at the edges will be very suitable for formal dresses and suits. Black will negate the shiny colors of silver so you can achieve a proper color scheme.

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