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Was Inception Inspired By Anime?

Rumor mill has it that Inception was 'inspired' by an anime movie called Paprika. It's a pretty bold claim. Has anyone seen it?! I would love to hear some thoughts and opinions on this.

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  • 1. Paprika Original Trailer

  • 2. Paprika's Inception

    One of the standout YouTube Comments from Trollslayer42(ha!). "Its not the similaritiesÿ that bug me, but that the American audience will have never seen or will see Satoshi Kon brilliant visions in Paprika. Inception is #1 in the box office right now, and when the Paprika live action movie comes out it will just be bashed for its similarities to Inception. Anime is insanely brilliant and forward thinking and a majority of America is just not on the same intellectual playing field as Japan, not yet. Inception is a start, keep the faith for america ^-^"