• 1. First things first

    I gotta get my grubz on. I figure true geeks don’t have time to eat healthy so I started my day with Spaghetti O’s and Coffee.

  • 2. Yay, Finally here!

    After years of hearing the hype, I finally get to see where geeks go to worship.

  • 3. I was welcomed by geek security.

    This guy was here to make sure there was NO funny business.

  • 4. Next I had to get my full body geek scan from the guy from DUNE.

    Hey, this is a legit operation. “Full body geek scan or GTFO” is what this guy told me.

  • 5. Now we are getting somewhere!

    Here’s one of my favorite superheroes, Michael Jackson. Makes total sense that they would make this first video game of him ever. (Hey look! There’s a a plummer playing!)

  • 6. I thought this t-shirt was HIlarious.


  • 7. Then I ran into this nice lady… (I think she was in a band.)

    She helped me find some more cool t-shirts and was nice enough not to hit me with her hammer.

  • 8. I also ran into this really nice old man..

    He must have been popular cause the line to see him was CRAZY.

  • 9.

  • 10. I finally see my first IRL superhero!

    Meet, Unemployed Man! (No seriously!)

  • 11. From this point on, things started getting weird.

    Was my Spaghetti O’s spiked with some sort of hallucinogenic? Meet Normal Bob Smith. He kinda scared me at first, but he was really nice.

  • 12. This Norwegian guy didn’t have much of a sense of humor…

  • 13. Hey look it’s Horseshack!

    Up your nose with a rubber hose, I’m I right?

  • 14. EASY…

    Batman and Joker.. BOOM.

  • 15. Juggalo!!!!

    It’s a miracle she can pick up that hammer.

  • 16. Ho ho ho.. Green giant.

    Or swamp thing.. one of the two.

  • 17. This was by far my favorite costume

    Then i felt like I was being followed….

  • 18. For some reason..

    This bear kept on shaking his head at me.. I have no idea why.

  • 19. Check out Daredevil!

    After a horrible chemical burn?

  • 20. On my way out…

    I was greeted by some bad-ass Tim Burton fans.

  • 21. That’s pretty much it! For a No0b, I think I did very well.

    Thank you New York Comic Con for a great weekend! Check out the FULL coverage from people that might know slightly more than me. MTVGeek (See you next year NYCC!)

  • 22. BONUS!

  • 23. DOUBLE BONUS!!

    FULL ON GEEK BO!!! Look how horrified that guy in the back is. WoooOof! [Via MidtownComics]