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Earlier Versions Of Trolololo!

With all due respect to Gil. "Please take off your shoes, because if you don't, your socks are going to wreck your shoes when they get knocked the f*ck off."

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  • Muslim Magomaev -- The Blue Spark

    "The song still remains quite familiar to the older Russian audiences; the Sovie Azerbaijani singer Muslim Magomaev had previously sung it in the 1960s Soviet television show The Blue Spark:" -- Check out the video at 1:12. Close ups, lip-sung whistling, and even echo effects! (He even has his own website!)

  • Valery Obodzinsky

    "Even earlier version of the song, sung by Valery Obodzinsky in 1967." -- I think we can all agree that the "Original" is the best one. [Via Know Your Meme]