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5 Ways To Piss Off The G.O.P.

Five sure-fire ways to piss off a Teabagger. If one were so inclined.

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  • 1. Don't Let Them Speak

    Seems so obvious... Here's TV reporter Dylan Ratigan kicking a teabagger off of his show: "Can We Please Cut Off This Man's Microphone?" YES!

  • 2. Read Between The Signs

    SHOPPED! [Via]

  • 3. Make 'Em Dance

    You Down With G.O.P.? Yeah, hell nah. Maybe this won't piss them off, but it will certainly make your day better.

  • 4. Tell Them They're Gay

    When your a Republican Senator with a Anti-Gay agenda it's no good when you get picked up on a DUI. But substantially worse to get picked up for a DUI after leaving a gay nightclub with an unidentified man in a state vehicle. That'll piss off anyone's GOP grandpa. [Story here]

  • 5. Tell Them You Only Trust Jon Stewart For News

    And send them weekly links on how Jon "SkullF*cked" the GOP, yet again! Here's Jon unveiling his Glenn Beck impression. [Via]