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24oz Venti Iced Coffees Are Good, Deal

Summer is almost here! Is there anything more enjoyable than a Venti Iced Coffee in the hot summer months? (Warning: math content ahead.) ::UPDATED::

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  • $2.60 cup-o-joe (approx)

    12oz Ecotainer into a 24oz Venti Iced Coffee Starbucks cup. (Standard full cup of ice)

  • Cost of 1 Gallon (5.3 cups) of Starbucks Iced Coffee?

    Drum roll..

  • But it only holds 12oz of coffee you say...?

    That's correct..
    For 5.3 Iced Coffees, we are paying $6.89 for ice.

  • So Starbucks, what's up?

    Why does an ice coffee cost one-third more than hot coffee? Best,

  • Nutritional Facts Per Serving

    24oz Iced Coffee. (Via) Note the calorie count is higher because this is the sweetened version

  • 20oz Regular cup of coffee. (Via)

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