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10 Dissimilarities Between Justin Bieber And Kurt Cobain

The antithesis to Tanner's post yesterday about how Justin Bieber Is Like Kurt Cobain because well... I'm your Catfish, Tanner. <3

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  • 1. Classic Cat Vs. Dog

  • 2. Kurt Cobain Was Blonde - Justin Bieber Has Brown Hair

    I guess they both loved the cardigans though.

  • 3. Different Hobbies

  • 4. Justin Bieber Looks Like... (well, you know)

    yes, AND lesbians as well.. (I don't see it)

  • 5. Criminal Histories

  • 6. Attire

  • 7. Different Musical Influences

    Cobain loved The Beatles amongst other classic rock bands. Justin Bieber is very much influenced by his friend and mentor Usher.

  • 8. Kurt Cobain Has A Baby Girl - Justin Bieber Is Basically Still In The Womb

    Fun Fact: Kurt Donald Cobain died April 5, 1994, Justin Drew Bieber born March 1, 1994. ('fun')

  • 9. Stage Presence

    Don't you know it's after Labor Day? Shesh.

  • 10. Taste In Eye-wear

  • 11. BONUS!