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    • nikkiy7

      Which just means the bad rap belongs to the fools obtaining the dogs for violent reasons. I would never pet anyone’s dog without first asking. I’m cautious around any dog I don’t know, but being more cautious around a pit bull than you would be around a small lap dog is just common sense. A pit bull has bigger teeth than small lap dogs. Same thing with German shepherds vs. Chihuahuas. If you had to get bitten by one, which one would you choose? That being said, I’m a 49 year old female and my dog is a pit. If you asked if you could pet her I would say no. She’s a wee bit unpredictable. She’s a rescue. She’ll have fear issues for a long time, I think. Oh. One more thing. Is a cocker spaniel a large dog? I though they were mediums. My cleaning lady’s nose and my pit’s teeth met on a collision course when she asked the dog for a kiss. The dog didn’t know how to kiss. She opened her mouth and moved forward at the exact same time the cleaning lady moved her nose into position. It wasn’t bad. A few superficial pokes and some bruising. The dog was as upset about it as she was. Maybe more. Now I have to leave the house with the dog when she comes over because when they see each other they both freak out. “Oh NOOOOO! It’s YOU! AAUUUGGHHH!”

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