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    Nov 19, 2019

    Hidden Gems In Big Sur That You Must Check Out!

    Check out these hidden gems that are a must see on Highway 1.

    Limekiln Beach State Park

    Nikki Medina / Via

    This beautiful state park has short hikes, breath taking views, a private beach, and camp sites! Did I mention it also has a waterfall that runs into the ocean? The trails are easy for families with children and the trails are fairly short. The scenery is amazing in every way!

    Garrapata State Beach

    California Beaches / Via

    Garrapatta State Beach is often passed by since it is not shown on yelp for directions. It is available on Maps if you plan accordingly. This beach is a must see due to its beautiful landscape views. If you enjoy beaches that are less crowded with phenomenal views, this place is for you.

    Nepenthe Restaurant

    Nikki Medina / Via

    Looking to have lunch/dinner with a view? Nepenthe is well known for its breath taking ocean views as you enjoy some food and drinks. They have an outside patio that has a 360 view or you can enjoy the view from inside. Either way, this place will take your breath away.

    Pfeiffer Beach

    Alyse in Wonderland / Via

    Many visit Pfeiffer Beach for the keyhole rock but it has much more to it. The beach has a mixture of purple quartz sand, lots of creative rock formations, and beautiful sunsets that are worth a photo. If you're lucky, you may see some dolphins splashing through the ocean.

    Henry Miller Library

    Serrena Renner / Via

    Nestled in the redwoods, this library host events throughout the year including music, book signings, community events, and the Big Sur International Short Film Screening. Past performers such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Philip Glass, Marianne Faithful, Band of Horses, and countless of local and touring brands. They also offer complimentary coffee! Enjoy the outside scenery, good reads, art, and music with your complimentary coffee.

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