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Jungle Juice Sangria

You are going to love this sangria recipe. My brother and I decided to make this delicious drink together while we were at my grandparents house. My grandparents live on a lake about an hour from my house. It is our get away spot, our vacation home. We love spending time with our grandparents and enjoying some summer activities and sun. And what better way to do that with a little sangria to sip on! We are calling this "Jungle Juice" because it is literally a mix of a bunch of drinks. According to Urban Dictionary, jungle juice is a heavenly concoction of vodka, other alcohol beverages and juice. "Known as 'jungle juice' because it sends the drinker into a state animal behaviour". Majority of this definition is correct except we refrained from going into a state of animal behaviour. Our sangria is light and will keep you from getting to over the top. There are many variations of sangria and jungle juice but this is the one we created. Comment below your favourite sangria recipes! Hope you have a great day and enjoy this sangria! [yumprint-recipe id='52']

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