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Meet SLAY BELLES,the Most Unique And Bizarre Women-Focused Horror Film You’ve Ever Seen.

SlayBelles, the upcoming Christmas horror adventure, is a rarity in Hollywood: a film not only starring, but also written and produced primarily by women.

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The film (which stars actresses Kristina Klebe, Hannah Wagner, and Susan Slaughter) was produced by EstherGoodstein and Jessica Luhrssen, who also co-wrote the screenplay.

Add to them Executive Producers Dominique Suehead and Tammy Sutton, and you have a female dominated production team eager and ready to show the world that women can and should be given the same opportunities in film making that man have long enjoyed.

Is Slay Belles a feminist film? Not at all. Is Slay Belles a bloody and sexy girl powered film? Hell yes! That's up to the viewers to decide, but we sincerely hope that it represents a new trend of greater opportunities for women in Hollywood, not only in front of the camera but in production, direction, and high level decision-making as well.

Help support women-driven films by going here and supporting the Slay Belles team in their efforts to get Slay Belles distributed.

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