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Hans Of Disney's 'Frozen' In Real Life

Luckily for everyone, he is not actually a villain. Author and man about town, G.D. Falksen.

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While Mr. Falksen is thankfully not a villain disguised as a nice guy, it's terribly hard not to notice some incredible resemblance to Prince Hans from Disney's 'Frozen'.

It isn't just me is it? After some searching around the internet, it appears that I am definitely not alone in my thought process. What do you think?

In conclusion to all of this...

The only issue with this is that while I find Prince Hans to be an evil villain in every right, I however don't feel that way at all about Mr. Falksen because he is in fact the exact opposite. Genuinely nice, humble, and all around a fabulous human being.

It's that strange conflict of hating a character but they remind you of someone you admire so you get mixed feelings. It happens a lot with books made into films and the character you hate in the novel is cast by an actor you love.

And then you go from this...

...To this.

As the internet likes to call it, you get Loki'd.

Take a villain, and make him attractive...

And then you have to explain to all of your non-fandom friends that

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