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The Life Of A Journalist Played Out By Animals

If I didn't know better, I'd think these animals were bona fide journalists.

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Screaming matches with your editor

Praying that your deadline gets pushed back (or that you'll find parking)

This is what your face looks like when you missed a deadline

Often, there is the lack of time to eat lunch, and if you do eat lunch it consists of instant ramen and chips

All the coffee in the world couldn't keep you awake in the mornings

This is probably what your hair looks like ALL THE TIME

Your reaction when you get a thank-you email for a story you wrote *kisses*

Your face when you realize it's your turn to stay late and proofread pages

Your face when your coworker asks you to stay late for them

What you want to do to people who don't know how to keep phone interview appointments

But instead you just sit at your desk with your face looking like this

How you feel when your editor tells you "great story" *oh stop it, you*

This is how you leave the office each evening

And this is what you do on your days off

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