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    Shiba Inus: The Happiest Dog In All The Land

    These dogs that hail from the Land of the Rising Sun must have a pretty easy life because they're smiling all the time.

    "Hey guys!"

    This guy must love driving.

    He knows how to smile for the camera.

    How can you not want to smile back at this guy?

    This one is just happy to be outdoors.

    So happy other shiba inus are making it on the big screen.

    Look at this handsome fellow.

    So excited, it might poop itself.

    Happy to be going on a walk.

    Flash that smile you young heartbreaker, you.

    A little over the top, but hey, this guy's happy as can be.

    He's a real sea dog.

    And maybe the most famous smiling shiba inu of all ...

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    This shiba inu from Japan loves seeing it owner after a long day.