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    Meerkats Who Have Simply Had Enough

    Meerkats are happy and adorable creatures (have you not seen Meerkat Manor?). But sometimes they have had just about enough of ... life?

    The guy in the middle is so over conforming to his peers

    He's had enough. He knows he's fabulous.

    "I have had enough of this camera being all up in my business."

    "Sometimes I just need to take a breather."

    "Why? Why must life be so hard?"

    "Honestly though, where's mom with our food?"

    This guy has had enough of this insect's ridiculous behavior

    "I'm really tired of my mom using me as a headrest."

    The guy on the left is getting pretty sick and tired of his siblings

    "Millipedes really grind my gears."

    *Getting pretty tired of this guy smelling my butt*

    Sometimes they just want to scream!

    Then they realize that their lives are pretty good. Cue relaxation.