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What It's Like Being A 22-Year-Old At A Taylor Swift Concert

82 thoughts that ran through my head at T-Swift's 1989 Tour Chicago. I'm feeling (almost) 22.

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6. IT'S FREAKING POURING. There's literally no shelter. Welp, there goes my makeup.

12. Oh, these seats are great I'm going to be so close to Tay Tay

18. These dads rock. My dad would have never worn a light-up "shake it off" shirt.

32. It's 7:30 and I have to stay up until four a.m. to get home... FML

33. Some of these signs are so creative.. Lol it's a shake for 'Shake it off'

38. Omg wear did that girl get her outfit idc if she's 14 it's cute ok

46. Haim is good and al but I'm falling asleep it's past my bedtime.

51. OMG all our bracelets just started going off IN SYNC WHAT COOL

61. Can you play Bad Blood yet cuz that was my fave back in November

67. Actually tearing up. I was 15 when that song came out. WHAT.

72. Yes, Tay Tay the future scares the sh*t out of me. #Recentgrad


80. THE HATERS GONNA HATE HATE HATE! OK, listened to 10 seconds of the song. NOW WE RUN TO BEAT EVERYONE OUT.

81. Why didn't we beat everyone out. IT'S GOING TO TAKE AN HOUR JUST TO WALK OUT OF HERE.

82. Thnx 4 the amazing mems, Tay Tay. You sure know how to make 55,000 people feel like your best friend!

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