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This Is What The Kid Who Covered Gaga's "Paparazzi" Looks Like Now

Greyson Chance is all grown up!

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Remember that viral video of the kid playing the piano and singing "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga?

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Greyson Chance was a sixth grader when the video went viral in 2010. Today, the video has over 55 million views on YouTube.

Greyson even got the chance to perform the song on Ellen.

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Well, Ellen recently invited Greyson back on her show, and this is what he looks like now:

He's all grown up and 18 years old.

BRB, feeling old AF.

Ellen and Greyson chatted about his voice changing.

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"Everyone told me you're going to wake up one night and you're going to drop like seven tones...I woke up one morning and I was instantly not Greyson Chance anymore. I was Greyson Chance," he said.

He also got the chance to perform his new single "Afterlife" on the show.

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