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24 Times The Internet Couldn't Handle The Apple Pencil

Apple released a new addition to the iPad on Aug. 9 and the Internet's reactions were prime.

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1. This head of the pack:

Hate to brag, but i am the first person to get my hands on the new #Apple #Pencil

2. True:

The #ApplePencil would be like 10x better if it had the no.2 on the side. Come on, who's with me on this one?

3. Plz help:

If the Apple pencil $100, I better be able to draw a future for myself

5. Steve is laughing at you:

Apple Pencil. That rolling sound? That's Steve in his grave.

6. Valid.

If there's an Apple pencil how about the apple pencil sharpener?

8. You're punny.

The Apple Pencil. 2B or not 2B, that is the question.

9. Even Denny's had something to say:

introducing denny's toothpick. your teeth, performing at full potential.

10. That's intense.

If you see someone using an apple pencil force choke them.

11. Just giggled out loud.

Looking forward to the second-generation Apple Pencil, the No. 2 Pencil.


But does Apple Pencil work with Clippy?!!

13. LOL.

14. Brilliant.

start a secret club that use them as lightsabers. RT @kremedelakitty: Wtf are yall gonna do with an Apple Pencil

15. Oh Siri, you're a hoot:

16. Oh, come on Siri you're killing us.

17. You're probably right, Samir.

The Apple Pencil will debut at $999,999.99

18. That would honestly suck.

I would lose this within an hour RT @mashable: This is what a $99 pencil looks like.

20. Also true:

Apple Pencil. Illustrators & Designers turnt right now.

21. Very terrible:

#TerribleGiftsForA4YearOld a pencil that costs more than a dollar

22. Oh Jack:

Apple Pencil me like one of your French girls

23. Ok, we get the pencil jokes.

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