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25 Times Baddiewinkle Lived Her Best Life

An ode to the most badass person on the world wide web.

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1. When it was her 87th birthday bish:

2. When Baddie was the New Black:

3. When she was a bad gal:

4. When she stressed the importance of not Draking and Driving:


5. When she hung out with Gwen:

6. When she first found peace and love on Instagram:

7. When she went au naturel:

8. When she flicked her wrists:

9. When she was on her way to steal yo man:

10. When she fell and couldn't get up:

11. When she was running through the six with her woes:


13. When she was blind to the haterz:

14. When she wanted to wish you a happy holidaze and lots of ho ho hos:

15. When she did the Ice Bucket Challenge and nominated Beyonce:

16. When she had the munchies:


17. When she got a "joint" replacement:

18. When she was totally far out:

19. When she slid into your DMs:

20. When she killed the bros in beer pong:

21. When she just really wanted Chipotle:

22. When she tip-toed in her Jordans:

24. When she was a total dimepiece:

25. and when she stole your man for the second time:

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