17 Times Mary-Kate And Ashley Were You During Finals Week

    You've got this dudes!

    1. When you realize it's finals week and your brain looks a bit like this:

    2. When your professor says the test is cumulative:

    3. And you're like:

    4. When you've worn the same shirt two days in a row but DGAF:

    5. When your mom calls and asks you how studying is going:

    Everything's totally fine. Totally.

    6. When you're trying to study but you see someone REALLY attractive in the library:

    7. When you start to feel like your life is TRASH:

    8. When it's time for a study snack break:

    9. When your roommate tries to comfort you even though you're dying inside:

    10. When you decide you just CAN'T anymore:

    11. And when you know everything has just gone to hell:

    12. When it's finally time to take your tests and you seriously don't know the answer:

    13. And when your BS game is at an all-time high:

    14. But when you finally know the answer to a question you're all like:

    I got this!!!

    15. When you've finished your tests and you're like:

    16. When you've been out drinking and realize you still have a paper to finish:

    I knew I was forgetting something!!!

    17. And when it's finally SUMMER:

    Good luck y'all!!!

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