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23 Reasons Why Cara Delevingne Is The Best

Happy 23rd birthday Cara!

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Cara turns ~23~ on August 12th. So, we'd thought we'd celebrate her awesomeness.

1. She raised $30k for Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit

Cara and Tag Heuer raised $30k for the researchers, WildCRU, who were tracking Cecil the Lion. She auctioned her personal Tag Heuer Signature Edition Carrera watch on eBay, which she said she wore on multiple occasions.

2. And she uses social media for a lot of other rights campaigns:

Such as the #smearforsmear campaign for Cervical Cancer

And the #freethenipplecampaign:

3. She had the perfect response to that ~awkward~ interview:

When a newscaster asked if she had ever read Paper Towns the book, she responded with "I JUST FOUND THIS BOOK! ITS AWESOME!"

So much sass. So much awesome.

4. She has an actual Instagram...for her bunny.

5. She's the queen of weird faces:

6. Yet, she kills it as a model:

8. Homegirl enjoys food just as much as we do:

Enjoying the SL'ICE' @ANDYtheH @KarenFukuhara #sharehockey

9. The fact she got bacon tattooed on her foot:

10. She's a woman of many talents including beatboxing:

View this video on YouTube

11. and druming:

View this video on YouTube

13. Oh and dabbling in singing:

View this video on YouTube

14. The fact she doesn't give a crap what people think of her:

15. She's going to play a badass witch in Sucide Squad

16. She fights for LGBT rights:

17. And openly talks about her sexuality:

Cara, who's in a relationship with Annie Clark (St. Vincent), recently opened up about being in love with her.

However, after Vouge's Rob Haskell claimed her bisexuality may just be a phase she responded with, "My sexuality is not a phase. I am who I am," Cara told Time.

19. She's always loyal to her biffles:

20. She's totally ~chill~ and plays COD

21. She was the perfect Margo in Paper Towns

22. She's not afraid of being a little weird:

23. And of course, she knows ~nobody's perfect~

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