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    21 Reasons You Should Follow Lionel The Hedgehog On Instagram

    Other than the fact that he's super cute.

    1. He's a little sassy:

    2. He's quite the athlete:

    3. He's a Jedi Master, obviously:

    4. He'll take you on a romantic date:

    5. He takes a cute selfie:

    6. Nap time is his absolute favorite:

    7. He plays checkers:

    8. He can fly:

    9. He has a cute "sister":

    10. He loves Chipotle just as much as you:

    11. He loves to explore:

    12. He'll hold your hand when you need him:

    13. He loves to partay:

    14. He's a Beyoncé fan:

    15. He's cute when he takes baths:

    16. He swings from chandeliers, just like Sia:

    17. He's obsessed with tacos too:

    18. He's actually Harry Potter:

    19. He's patriotic:

    20. He brunches hard:

    21. And he's just a little guacward:

    Follow Lionel here.

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