19 Times When Harry Styles Was The Ultimate Green Bay Packer Fan

    Go Pack Go!

    1. The fact he has a Packer's tattoo:

    loving your packer tattoo ;) @Harry_Styles

    Sure, he got it on a lost bet. But still. AWESOME.

    2. Also the fact he and Donald Driver are BFFS:

    3. When he wore this "jumper:"

    4. And when he wore this jumper:

    5. Or when he wore this t-shirt:

    6. When he ranted about the Packers for two minutes in Milwaukee:

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    7. When he wore a Packer's tee while doing the Ice Bucket Challenge:

    8. When he appreciated his fans who are also Packer's fans:

    Loved the show in Milwaukee. Thank you for having us. So much @packers love. Hope you enjoyed the it. H

    9. When he was ready for the game:

    10. When he did this at the Bear's stadium:

    11. When he actually got his own cheesehead:

    12. When he wore this lovely apron:

    13. When he got on stage in Milwaukee in all of the Packer gear:

    @Donald_Driver80 What a good guy you're friends with. ☺️

    14. When he showed off his own Packer's blanket:

    15. When he hung out with Donald Driver and his fam:

    They are so blessed. Thanks to my boy @Harry_Styles

    16. When he tried to put on a Packer's helmet:


    17. When he went to a game at Lambeau:

    18. When he waved a Green Bay flag around on stage:


    19. And of course, he got on stage with a jersey on in a sea full of Bears fan to profess his love for the Packers.