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Posted on Feb 5, 2016

19 Times Jaclyn Hill Was The Queen Of Makeup

All hail the master of YouTube tutorials.

1. When her highlight was on POINT:

2. When she slayed the sparkly cranberry eyeshadow game:

3. When her pink lip was poppin':

4. When she somehow rocked a full-glam face in a sweatshirt:

5. When she could cut crease better than any of us:

6. When she perfected the nude lip:

7. When she showed the world the perfect bridal look:

8. When she did this beautiful emerald look:

9. When her Christmas makeup was delightfully festive:

10. When she somehow magically pulled off a blue lip:

11. When, ugh, her eyeshadow was just the best:

12. When she made glitter eyeliner look fabulous:

13. When she went for a more natural look:

14. When she made '90s grunge cool again:

15. When she created the ideal cat eye:

16. When she proved (again) that emerald was definitely her color:

17. When she looked ready for prom:

18. When her dark plum lip actually looked great on her:

19. And when she proved to you she is the queen of the highlight:

Keep being flawless with the makeup tutorials, Jaclyn!

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