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18 Pups Who Are Enjoying Pokémon Go More Than Their Humans

They all want to be the very best.

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1. This adorable Retriever who loves to go on walks:

Instagram: @luckythegoldie

2. This pup who clearly DGAF about Pidgey like the rest of the world:

Instagram: @leighjak

4. This guy who doesn't mind giving a ride to Spearow:

Instagram: @corgimongo

5. This dapper dude hanging out with Spearow:

Instagram: @hichance

7. This one, who's just as cute as Pikachu:

Instagram: @rubydoes_

8. This pup in an epic stare down:

Instagram: @oso_thegsd

9. This dog who's as happy as can be:

Instagram: @sniffandbarkens

12. This pup who wants to be the very best:

Instagram: @sydneythesammy

13. These guys who were assigned to guard Eevee:

Instagram: @peppermonster

15. These cuties who'd rather play fetch than play with a Rattata:

Instagram: @tankandmilla

16. This Havanese who just wants to befriend Drowzee:

18. And this little guy, who's just trying to hatch some eggs.

Instagram: @jcarder14


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