17 Times Tess Christine Had Outfit Goals

    Seriously, can I just have your whole closet?

    1. When she wore this edgy top:

    2. When she wore the chicest suit:

    3. When she somehow pulled off a fuzzy sweater in the summer:

    4. When she made a choker body suit look cool:

    5. When she accented with blue:

    6. When she looked adorable in all-white:

    7. When burnt orange was totally her color:

    8. When she rocked the romper:

    9. When she channeled her inner Nina Dobrev:

    10. When she was cozy as can be:

    11. When she was festival ready:

    12. When she was an adorable hippie:

    13. When she mis-matched prints:

    14. When she was ready for the island:

    15. When she killed the winter fashion game:

    16. When she was actually Kendall Jenner:

    17. And course, when she dressed up as Winifred from Hocus Pocus

    18. You keep being fabulous, Tess.

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