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16 Magical Pumpkins All "Harry Potter" Fans Need To See

What Potter Pumpkin should you carve?

1. This Hogwarts one:

2. This painted ode to Dobby:

DIY Halloween Projects; #Halloween #DIY #Pumpkins #HarryPotter

3. The Boy Who Lived:

Excellent jack-o'-lantern of The Boy Who Lived #HarryPotter

4. This amazing set:

@jk_rowling I carved some Harry Potter pumpkins. A bit early, but happy Halloween!

5. And, of course, this amazing set:

“@EMHAPPY78: @stockings_pro here are my Harry Potter pumpkins #LegwearLottery ” WOW!


Harry potter pumpkin(: well My boyfriend spoils me(: loved seeing all the pumpkins today! #bestboyfriendever

7. This one with pages from the book:

Harry Potter pumpkins are the best. #HarryPotter

8. This lumos pumpkin:

Can I just say my pumpkin carving is pretty damn awesome. #HarryPotter #Lumos #LumosMaxima

9. This unique Hedwig one:

@HorseWoburn my girls with their harry potter themed 'Hedwig' the owl pumpkin :)

10. Or this Hedwig one:

11. Of course, Dobby:

“@Dobbys_Elves: Happy Halloween, here is a Dobby pumpkin! ”

12. This amazing carving:

13. This hilariously simple one:

14. This Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw pair:

15. These perfectly painted pumpkins:

16. Voldy:

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