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Oh, The Stuff You Can Buy With Bitcoin!

If you’re looking to venture into the extraordinary realm of bitcoin, “Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away!”

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If bitcoin seems as foreign to you as a truffula tree or cat-in-the-hat, know that the digital currency is just like any other currency except it’s not made of paper and not backed by a centralized bank. You can also buy some pretty “weirdish” stuff with bitcoin, to borrow a term from Dr. Seuss’ famed ode to adventure.

1. BitSat Nano Satellite

For just $1M you can own your very own satellite to take care of all of your secure data processing, file storage, and cloud computing needs. Or course any “cloud computing” using this satellite would actually occur well beyond the earth’s stratosphere.

3. Goat

Perhaps you’re more of the “down-to-earth” sort. In that case, you can buy a goat with bitcoin and start adorning your arugula salad and wood-fired pizza with delectable, home-made soft cheese. Goats also make very good watch animals, as their “bleating” serves as an unexpectedly effective alarm warning.

4. Trip to Space

The nice thing about buying with bitcoin is there really is something for everyone. If a goat doesn’t strike your fancy, perhaps catapulting into outer space will. Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic accepts bitcoin as a way to pay for your next vacation beyond the atmosphere.

5. Furry Friend

You may not need to travel to the moon and back to reach fulfillment. Many pet owners will attest to their cat or dog’s ability to bring them more joy than any decadent vacation. There may be no better way to spend your bitcoin than on a furry friend who needs a home. Who knew there was such an easy path to a future of destroyed furniture and total adoration.

6. Harry Potter Wizard’s Wand

It’s magic - just like the fact that you can buy this Harry Potter Wizard’s Wand with digital currency. While you’re yelling “expelliarmus” to your imaginary opponent, you can stock up with more not-so-imaginary bitcoin. That way you’ll be well-armed for when the sorcerers stone goes up for sale.

So if you’re an exploratory shopper and “be your name Buxbaum or Bixby or Bray” you can get bitcoin today. Don’t know where to buy bitcoin? You can buy bitcoin with a credit card at bitcoin exchanges. Or, for the fastest access to bitcoin, go to, and you can start buying from this list right away!

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