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    16 Things We Learned Travelling In A Campervan Across Australia

    Want to live that Australian road trip dream? Keep reading 'cos there are a few things you should know...

    Hi, we're Nikki and Federico! For the last three months, we've been touring around beautiful Australia in a campervan and getting to experience #vanlife at its best.

    1. You're going to see some incredible scenery, so get your "dash-cam" ready.

    2. There will be wildlife literally everywhere.

    3. Disney tunes will keep everyone happy.

    4. Meal-prepping will save you time, money, and energy.

    5. Road snacks are a must.

    6. And water. More water than you could ever imagine you'd need.

    7. Don't trust the sat nav.

    8. Know how far you have to go to your next petrol station.

    9. Surprise! Australia can get chilly.

    10. Put some time and research into knowing what roads you're going to be on.

    11. Always check the weather. Always.

    12. You'll make so many friends on the road.

    13. And you'll become so much closer to the friends you're sharing the van with.

    14. You'll be surprised by just how little space you need.

    15. You will become hugely attached to your van.

    16. And you'll always have those road trip memories together.

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