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    16 Things We Learned Travelling In A Campervan Across Australia

    Want to live that Australian road trip dream? Keep reading 'cos there are a few things you should know...

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    Hi, we're Nikki and Federico! For the last three months, we've been touring around beautiful Australia in a campervan and getting to experience #vanlife at its best.


    There's been twists and turns, ups and downs, and plenty of stunning highlights along the way.

    And of course, we learnt a few things about driving, eating, sleeping, and essentially living out of a van - things that could have made our lives a whole lot easier if we'd known them from the start. So for you, dear reader, we have compiled a list of everything we wish we'd known before we started on our epic road trip, so you don't fall hazard to them too. Enjoy, and happy travels!

    1. You're going to see some incredible scenery, so get your "dash-cam" ready.

    Federico Casagrande / BuzzFeed

    All that beautiful countryside and outback is going to whiz past and you'll want to capture it to show off to friends and family back home. We liked setting up a GoPro on the dashboard, or even better, getting the passenger to wind down their window to avoid glare from the glass. Those smushed flies and bugs on the windscreen really don’t make for great photos!

    2. There will be wildlife literally everywhere.

    Nikki Canning / BuzzFeed

    Which also makes for great photo ops, but be careful driving at dusk and dawn. That's when kangaroos, emus, wombats, koalas, and all the other furry creatures are most active.

    3. Disney tunes will keep everyone happy.

    Federico Casagrande / BuzzFeed

    Gone are the days of your music choice playing solely into your eardrums. Now there's a group decision to be made on what's going to acoustically fuel this road trip. No matter who you are, where you've been, or where you're going, a Disney playlist is always a winner.

    4. Meal-prepping will save you time, money, and energy.

    Federico Casagrande / BuzzFeed

    While cooking up breakfast, lunch, and dinner out of the back of a van on two gas rings may sound challenging, a bit of meal-planning will cut out some stress. We opted for easy-peasy porridge in the mornings, and made extra dinner each night to be eaten the following day for lunch.

    5. Road snacks are a must.

    Nikki Canning / BuzzFeed

    You do not know true love until you’ve broken down on the side of the road and found a full box of Jatz crackers for company. Be warned though, bananas will get brown and squishy, and your van may smell like a banana milkshake for quite some time.

    6. And water. More water than you could ever imagine you'd need.

    Federico Casagrande / BuzzFeed

    Between cups of tea, washing plates, drinking water, the occasional post-hike hose down, you'll need that extra gallon bottle of water for sure.

    7. Don't trust the sat nav.

    Nikki Canning / BuzzFeed

    If you're off-road exploring, the sat nav can often lead you astray. Ask locals, or call ahead to your campsite or tourist information site to find the best way to get there.

    8. Know how far you have to go to your next petrol station.

    Nikki Canning / BuzzFeed

    Sometimes it could be hundreds of kilometres between petrol stations, especially in rural Western Australia. So make sure you have a full tank of gas, and maybe consider carrying extra fuel in a jerrycan too.

    9. Surprise! Australia can get chilly.

    Nikki Canning / BuzzFeed

    So make sure you have an extra layer or two for camping out in the evenings. Or your beach towel will double-up as a scarf.

    10. Put some time and research into knowing what roads you're going to be on.

    Nikki Canning / BuzzFeed

    Particularly if you're driving remotely, make sure you've got a van or car that can handle the roads you're going to be on. Those red-dust roads can turn muddy quite quickly in a downpour, so know if your van can handle it.

    11. Always check the weather. Always.

    Nikki Canning / BuzzFeed

    If you know it's going to rain, you don't fall asleep with the windows open. Fact. Also if it's going to be foggy, you don't wake up at dawn to catch the sunrise.

    12. You'll make so many friends on the road.

    Nikki Canning / BuzzFeed

    Some will be furry, some will be human. You can decide which you prefer.

    13. And you'll become so much closer to the friends you're sharing the van with.

    Federico Casagrande / BuzzFeed

    You eat together, you share a bed, you've been the backseat driver for one another, and you've farted in each other presence. You're basically in a relationship now.

    14. You'll be surprised by just how little space you need.

    Federico Casagrande / BuzzFeed

    Everything you need in life will fit in this van. And you'll be sharing it with others! You may even start to miss the cosiness of the van once you finish your trip.

    15. You will become hugely attached to your van.

    Nikki Canning / BuzzFeed

    You will name her, you will put her in all your Instagram photos, and you will have to seek professional help to get over the trauma of giving her back to the rental company. Or worse... SELLING HER ON!

    16. And you'll always have those road trip memories together.

    Nikki Canning / BuzzFeed

    But remember: What happens on the road, stays on the road.

    Travel was provided by Tourism Australia. BuzzFeed writers do not guarantee coverage.

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