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HUGE Legs Is JD-ing A Triathlon! (As Told By Dogs)

Ladies... our first triathlon is in 2 WEEKS. Get ready. <3 Coach Bent

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1. Ok we need to put on a wetsuit. Just jump and wiggle around. It'll eventually fit right.


This feeling never goes away.

2. We're doing it! This is how you swim, right?


No, we're really not going anywhere fast but that's ok because...

3. At least we're not going upstream!


Or at least I hope not. I'm sorry, I didn't check the course.

4. We can push through the biking.


At least the first triathlon is flat!

5. It won't be that bad! This is the part where we get to sit.


Ok real tri advice: remember to eat and drink water while on your bike. This is the easiest time to refuel!

6. Next is the RUNNING! The part we can do!


12th place. Easy.

7. There is a slight chance your legs might not work.


Hope you guys had the chance to fit in a brick or two. No? It's cool I haven't either.

8. BUT remember there is food and beer at the end of the line.


We may be hobbling a little at the end, but I know we'll finish!!

9. Then we get to celebrate and swap race stories!


Are you guys EXCITED?!? I'm excited.

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