Why Fostering Kittens Is So Awesome!

As a foster parent for the San Francisco SPCA we see so many cute kittens come through our home. Because of this, we’re bound to have an abundance of cute photos of our feline friends. Let the adorbs begin.

1. This is Bitsy…

All of the kittens come to us with names, and with over a thousand cats/kittens coming through their doors each year, naming them can be tough I guess because we get some bad names. Bitsy’s real name was Bergenfield…

2. A sweet sibling relationship

Bitsy used to mimic suckling on her brother, Dewey (or Dumont, get it, Jersey?) and he would have these little wet patches on his chest and tummy from her suckling- ‘twas really sweet.

3. Kittens will be kittens

Bitsy and Dewey were a little naughty and liked to explore while we did things like clean out their litter box… here they are exchanging information while digging claws into flesh but also being impossibly cute

4. They helped with sweeping too

5. They even solved printer jams.

What helpful kittens!

6. They played Queen and King of the Castle

It’s pretty swell I guess.

7. They wrestled when being weighed

It is very important to know how much each kitten is gaining because once they are 2lbs each they go back to be spayed or neutered, but sometimes kittens have other plans…


9. But most of all, they were cute

… and very pretty (Bitsy on the left, Dewey on the right)

10. Sometimes our kitty siblings look nothing alike!

But they love each other just as much!

Here were some of the “Streets of San Francisco”- Mariposa, left, Harrison, middle, Bryant, right.

11. Sometimes they line up just right!

…and it’s very cute!

12. Sometimes they see scary monsters

But they are protected by the big humans taking their pictures.

*It should also be noted that the San Francisco SPCA’s Foster Program regulations do not allow the kittens to come into contact with other animals in the home, especially cats, as they can carry diseases (and other things) that the kittens are not vaccinated against yet. This was a cute photo-op as no contact was made between the two, and curiosity did not get the cat!

13. Heads get stuck in tissue boxes

When trying to get a cork out

14. And your sister steals the toy you wanted all along

And she plays with it for hours…….

15. Sometimes the most cozy spot is a towel in a kitten food box

oh yeah, it’s pretty awesome, huh Harrison?

16. Fostering is more than just giving them a home for a few weeks

Harrison was a snuggly little guy, so he got to have a trip to the bed and hand out for a bit, he really enjoyed it; we have to teach them how to be nice little guys.

17. It feels great when your kitties blossom.

When we first brought them home, he was much less social than his brother and sister and would hide deep under here. It was a process to help him open up. This was when he was playing with his brother, not when he was first brought home.

18. Oh hey fuzzy!

Again with the bad names… this lil guy’s name was Bosco. We called him Fozzy or Fuzzy because he was such a little cream puff.

19. Furly became Freddie

Iddn’t he cute? We sometimes get kittens that are really close to 2 lbs, but just need to gain a bit more weight, socialize, and just make room for them to take in other kittens. We had these guys for just a week or two.

20. They could be silly

Freddie was kind of a stalker


22. When you play hard…

You sleep hard


25. Dont forget to tuck in your kitties tonight

And if you dont have any, please go to the San Francisco SPCA, without their organization/foster program, these pictures wouldn’t be here today, or please go to your local shelter and adopt a new kitty friend today!

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