The Women Of "Mad Men" Kick Ass In Season 6

I mean they should probably just change the name to Mad Women.

1. Obviously last season Peggy got sick of people not understanding her worth (we all feel you, girl) so she said deuces to SCDP.

2. And Don probably cried himself to sleep for a month.

3. This season, Peggy is the new Don.

4. She’s even stealing his lines.

5. When she shows up to pitch Heinz, this epic moment happens.

6. And then there’s Joan, who has pretty much always put the ass in bad ass.

7. But this year, she’s really the HBIC.

8. Last episode she delivered this epic speech and was the first woman to ever leave Don speechless.

11. Honestly Joan is a champ. She gives new meaning to taking one for the team.

12. Trudy kicks Pete to the curb. (angels sing)

13. I admit I hated Trudy for 5 seasons, but she had me at “I will destroy you.”

15. Meanwhile Don is falling apart.

16. Pete is falling down stairs.

17. Sterling is still Sterling.

20. Ginsberg is still a virgin.

22. Sally is still taking after her father and making Betty’s life a living hell.

23. Bobby speaks his first full sentance.

24. Stan’s pissed.

25. So is Harry.

26. This asshole is still a creep.

27. This guy is adorable, but clueless.

28. But these three are straight killin it. Get down with your bad selves, ladies.

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