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13 Signs You're Addicted To Froyo

Everyday I'm froyo-ing.

13. You Instagram your froyo on the reg.

Especially when the toppings are just so colorful, delicious, and perfectly placed.

12. You talk to your froyo.

Why are you so good???

11. You judge people based on their topping choices.

Toppings can say a lot about a person.

10. When you want froyo, nothing else will do.

Not soft serve. Not a smoothie. Not even Dairy Queen.

9. If nobody else wants froyo, fine you'll go by yourself.

I have no shame.

8. You rationalize how often you froyo by telling yourself it's healthy.

I put fruit on it, the froyo is nonfat, the gummy bears are sugar free, and I don't care what you have to say, this is good for me.

7. You get irrationally angry when they don't have your favorite topping.

How the EFF am I supposed to eat this without OREOS?!?!?!?!

6. Your family and friends have accepted your addiction.

I mean, your mom even starts throwing YOLO at you. FroYOLO!

5. You don't "get" people who don't like froyo.

Seriously? Do they also hate rainbows, sunshine, and happiness? You should eliminate these people from your life. You don't need that kind of negativity.

4. You've tried every combination under the sun and have found your perfect match.

Easy. Coconut froyo on one side with fruity pebbles, gummy bears, and mochi. Mochi is like this Asian gummy stuff that is not quite as hard as a gummy bear so the combination of the two is perfect. Your tongue's like, "Ooooh this is interesting, I like this." I never thought to put fruity pebbles on my froyo, but a friend told me to once, and I haven't gone one time since that not putting it on. It tastes like your childhood. Then on the other side of the cup, I like to treat myself a little. That way you get a little fruity, and a little savory. Very simple: salted caramel froyo with hazelnut crunch and one single blonde brownie.

3. When your friend asks you to froyo, it turns your whole day around.

Life is good and the world is wonderfullllll.

2. You drink the melted froyo at the bottom of the cup.

Because that's where all the flavors come together in some sort of elixir from the heavens above. It's like liquid ecstasy, orgasms, and Christmas swirling around in one delicious little pool of amazing.

1. We had you at froyo.

Because everyday is a party with froyo.

Froyo on, froyo fiends, froyo on.

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