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Oct 2020
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    nikilaeerin commented on 15 "Petty" Dating Red Flags That Annoyed People So Much, They Refused To Date Someone

    On the second date, the guy quoted the entirety of the Bee Movie. He’s 24. On the same date, he had hung up mistletoe in his apartment and said that means we had to kiss. It was April.

    4 months ago

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    nikilaeerin commented on College Professors Are Dragging Their Worst Students, And It's Brutally Honest And Hilarious

    My macroeconomics professor gave out an impossibly hard midterm. Like, I had a 98% in the class and barely passed this test. The class average was in the thirties. He comes in and says to us “Either my test was hard or you are all really stupid. And I don’t think the test was hard.”… 

    6 months ago

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    nikilaeerin commented on How Has COVID-19 Affected Your Eating Disorder?

    I was in a residential treatment center for my anorexia when quarantine started. When I got out and went back to school I started restricting and over exercising again. I would use the excuse of quarantining to not see my friends or family, so I could completely isolate myself and… 

    7 months ago

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