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12 Thoughts Everyone Has While Bra Shopping

You know what they say: "A good bra makes for a good life." But who wants good when you can get great with the Nike Pro Bra.

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1. "How do guys ever learn to undo these things?"

The Office / Global TV / Via

"I can't even undo it with TWO hands."

2. "Could I pull off leopard print?"

"Kinda fierce, no?"

3. "What's inside of here? Is it edible?"

"Dunno, but it's kinda fun to play with this strange jelly substance."

4. "Does it make them look too pointy?"

"Or is it Madonna chic?"
eoghan1973 (CC BY http://2.0) Flickr: sobero

"Or is it Madonna chic?"

5. "How am I ever going to wash this delicate lace?"


6. "Why are there four people helping me? Do they think I have nice boobs?"

"Must be my bust."

7. "This one looks HAWT, but I can't breathe."

"Who do they think I am? Marie Antoinette?"

8. "Should I go sexy/impractical or purely functional?"


9. "If I go functional, will I lose my sex appeal?"

"Who cares? Strap those puppies down!"
Matthew Leete / Via

"Who cares? Strap those puppies down!"

10. "I FOUND THE ONE THAT FITS. Do I buy one in every color?"

"Or ALL animal print?"

11. "Hold up, I'm what size?"

"No, it can't be."


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"Need to support my girls."

Luckily, you won't have to worry about shopping for sports bras with the Nike Pro Bra Collection.