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17 Struggles Only High School Athletes Understood

Being an athlete in high school was tough business. There was homework to finish, tests to study for, rivals to compete against, and hell week to survive. But got through it!

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4. When you ran so many stairs you had to stop because you legitimately forgot how your legs worked.

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"Haha guys, I'm stopping because I'm tired, not because I forgot how my legs work! That's crazy! Haha you guys are so funny."

6. When your nonathletic friends got to chill after school while you had practice.

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This is literally what they would do: eat ice cream and listen to music on top of you while you tried to work out.

14. When you ran so hard at practice you could swear you literally went blind at one point.

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"No, I'm cool you guys, I just have to stop right here for a second and, uh, catch my breath. Yeah, that's it. I definitely didn't temporarily go blind."

Some struggles from high school never end. Like rivalries. We all have that one person who always challenged us, who was always hot on our heels — that's TJ.

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TJ is always one step ahead of you -- at the gym when you're just waking up, running an extra lap when you hit the showers, and pushing out another set when you rack the weights.

It's not too late to get the best of TJ this summer. Go to and gear up for greatness. Make TJ work for it.