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14 Ways To Eat Lobster In New Hampshire Before Summer Officially Ends

Not that lobster is exclusive to any season, but it's undeniably better with some semblance of warmth still in the air.

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1. Lobster Roll - The Beach Plum / Via @leahgil

A classic, not to mention the gargantuan amounts of lobster meat and the oceanside location.

3. Portsmouth Pie - The Common Man / Via @digsy1211

Shrimp, scallops, cod and lobster meat baked with lobster cream sauce and topped with Ritz crumbs. Not exactly Common.

4. Lobster Eggs Benedict - Stairway Cafe / Via

Lobster for breakfast? No complaints here.


6. Lobster Roll(s) - Tuckaway Tavern / Via @punkbeerandtacos

What, you thought lobster rolls would be on this list only once? The Tuckaway offers their heaping, messy rolls Maine-style (traditional, served cold with mayo), as well as served-hot, Connecticut-style. Plus, Mondays and Tuesdays for buy-one-get-one-free , so you can try both styles to compare, for science.

8. Lemon Lobster Salad - River House Restuarant / Via @annainaustin



10. Lobster BLT - River House Restaurant / Via jasonmayeu

You were still hungry after that salad...

12. Lobster Mac and Cheese - Mr. Mac's / Via @britwit25

This is just basic logic.

14. Boiled Lobster - Brown's Lobster Pound / Via bonnimace

I mean, why complicate things?

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