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Chief Osceola: Florida’s First Transplant And Its First Souvenir

In other scandals, he was born "Billy Powell". GASP!!

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Seminole Indian chief Osceola was born Billy Powell.

He was half white.

His father was James McQueen, a Scots-Irish trader who in 1714 was the first European to trade with the Creek in Alabama.

Chief Osceola moved to Florida as a child, from Alabama.

Chief Osceola battled Andrew Jackson in the Creek wars around Florida.

They finally captured him by inviting him to "peace council"; they even waved a white flag.

Osceola was quickly killed as he was thought to be too dangerous and too charismatic.

His was decapitated.

His head became the prize possession of the doctor that did the autopsy.

He took the head home and quickly starting displaying it to the public.

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