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    Does nail polish have Formaldehyde?

    Most of the company's selling keratin to salons, and the public, claim to no longer contain formaldehyde.

    However, studies have been done that prove that almost all of them still have at least a trace. Some companies have "disguised" the formaldehyde by calling it something else, like "aldehyde". & third party / Via Third Party

    Remember that for the most part, the danger of formaldehyde is the fumes breathed in by the salon technician or stylist, not the customer. Read guide for customer about formaldehyde free nail strengthener.

    Why is formaldehyde used in nail polish? & third party / Via Third Party

    Formaldehyde is a common mineral compound found in many substances, including cleaners and floor polishes, paper, and paint. It is naturally-occurring in human tissue as an ingredient of cell membranes. This chemical compound is used as an additive in the application of nails, which prevent scratches and abrasion from growing in to a protective layer over nail platelets.

    By creating a protective layer between nail platelets, nail polish inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria that cause chipping and cracking to your manicure. No, it does not. Of course, they are only chemicals, that is one of the disadvantages of the cosmetics industry. Unfortunately, it seems to me that Formaldehyde is needed to function properly. It creates the vinyl film, the shell, the sheen, and thereby allow the polish to 'exhibit' the definition of 'look' (otherwise it would be completely washed out!). For my wife's nails, I used one coat of Old Spice Orange Cream, and the final coat of pure light blue nail polish to achieve the final.

    How toxic is formaldehyde in nail color? & third party / Via Third Party

    Formaldehyde is a toxic chemical which is a fundamental component of the medical equipment which the profession has used for many years. The inhalation of formaldehyde can be harmful due to the presence of a lot of benzene, nitrosamines and other the solvents. The fact that formaldehyde is present in nail polish can be also a matter of concern for the medical community. It is harmful to human health and, to get rid of it, it is necessary to opt for fresh nail polish and prevent it from falling on human skin.