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Which 314A Roomie Are You?

Are you Chael, Caro, or Sooj? Take this quiz to find out.

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  1. What is you go to catch phrase?

    "Lil squirrels, do you think that guy over there is cute?"
    "Omg can you not, you're the woat"
  2. You just failed a major test. How you react?

    "Lol I mean it's fine, it'll be okay bc I can nap it off then get my grade back up!"
    "Ughhghghhh it was so hard.....LOLOLOL my life"
  3. How's your love life?

    I have two true baes that depending on the week I swear he is the one!!!
    I am a serial monogamist. Toughy on the outside, but a softie on the inside.
    Boys are like tissues- you use them and you toss them lol jk I'm sure love is real tho!
  4. What were you like in high school?

    Rep was innocent and studious, but low-key grade inflation and love triangles and drama and such oops?
    I was v studious and made good grades and babysat and played sports- can you say all-around woot
    Could have called me the next virgin Mary, sry can't talk bc I am too busy studying go away
  5. What do you think about food and the dining hall?

    I love cookies, brownies, Addie's shakes (did I mention I have one every day???), the steak and cheese subs, and personal pizzas so much <3
    Well Mondays are my fav bc it's Holy Grain bowl day, and this one day last year I had a lamb sandwich and it was the best meal I ever had!!!
    I live off of cheerios, bagels, cheddar chex mix, and peanut butter so
  6. What lyric from the song My Shot appeals most to you?

    "I'm young, scrappy and HUNGRY"
    "I'm just like my country"
    "Not throwing away my shot"
  7. Crazy thing you've witnessed?

    I almost got run over by a car when playing hide and seek bc I was hiding under it until someone jumped in and started the engine
    Well once I wandered the sketch parts of Cambridge desperately looking for a specific frat house so that Sooj could do a deal but then gave the wrong address to the uber driver then both phones died so...
    I once witnessed a person only eating salads!!!!! Crazy isn't it??
  8. Fav song to twerk to?

    Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye
    Hips Don't Lie by Shakira
    Dessert (remix version) by Dawin
  9. What do say when your friend asks you what you want to do Friday night?

    "I'll probs fail orgo but I'll go out as long as I won't make stupid af decisions and I review one formula in my head per place we go lolz"
    "Yeah I'll go out!! Oh wait jk idk if I want to... But I think I do... So maybe??"
  10. What type of lit are you?

    Immmmma be a noodle heheheheheheh yeeeeeeetttt
    I am lowkey an animal but will act sober and responsible heh
    I'm swear I'm going to party mom tonight!!!
  11. What is a good night?

    As long as we all come back home, with all our clothes, we are winning my friends
    You know, you win some and you lose some, but as long as you don't go over 2.5 drinks, lose your Fitbit, and physically sprint away from your friends, you're not doing too shabby
    Back to back hookups LOL
  12. Secret talent?

    Not driving
    Not waking up to alarms
    Not being decisive
  13. Best place to pee?

    Parking garage
    In the woods
    On the highway

Which 314A Roomie Are You?

You got: Sooj

Lol aren't you quite the lucky one. LOL jk, odds are that you seem fine and put together on the outside but ehhhh. You're terrible at party mom-ing, your tolerance sucks, and probably need to tone it down by entering yourself into a convent. On the bright side, your finsta is lit and your non-friends think that you mostly have your shit together! Keep on being blissfully overcommitted~

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You got: Caro

You lil squirrel, you are a bundle of fun fun FUN with lots of emotions. You are mostly responsible but also are not, and decisions are not your forte and may be slightly a hypochondriac. But that's okay because that just means your flexible with life!! You like to eat lots of brownies and are loyal to those late night subs, keep doing you because all those qualities lead others to adore you.

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You got: Chael

YEEET! You are all about those fun times- you party animal. Always looking to make the most of every opportunity, you are spontaneous af which leads to many adventures but also many sticky situations heh. You are social which is fab but also causes you to basically eat, drink, breathe, and sleep in the dining hall. You may want to start counting ounces and stop counting the seconds of liquids, but keep on taking those cute snaps that we all love!

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